Beautiful, blue and found in Bali – Java Kingfisher

A ‘seriously’ blue bird flies past my balcony now and then.  It’s a treat to see such a vibrant, and strong blue coloured bird, I just wish it would hang around long enough for me to take a picture of it.

It seems to particularly like flying along the river and once I saw it land, just for a few moments, on the bamboo which hangs over the river at the end of my land.  Wow, he is even more impressive that I had thought…. Not only is he so strikingly blue in his body, but his beak is long and bright red.  He is without a doubt the most impressive bird I’ve ever seen outside of a bird park.

I spent a while looking on the internet to try and find what kind of bird it is.  I typed in combinations such as ‘blue bird red beak Indonesia’  but not a single picture that came up looked anything as impressive as this bird.

My friend said it was a Kingfisher so I searched for that and, again, this bird put all the other pictures I found to shame.  I asked Pasek (the manager of the house I live in) and he didn’t know the name but said that it was a bit of a pest because it eats small chickens!

Eventually I met someone here who knows a thing or two about birds and he reliably informed me that it was a Java Kingfisher, ah, so now I know.

I found myself writing a poem about this Java Kingfisher….

Java Kingfisher

Java Kingfisher
just how blue
can you be?

You rival
the colours
of paradise

Java Kingfisher
I watch you soar
swoop and dive

I want to know
what you see
through your eyes

Java Kingfisher
I’m glad you live
near my home

Your visits
are always a
welcome surprise

But a warning
Java Kingfisher
I hear you steal
baby chickens

And that the
don’t want you
in their skies…

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