My first poem written in Bali… about Bali

This was the first poem I wrote in Bali and I still feel as passionate about this beautiful island today as I did back in 2009

Bali  ©

Never knew a passion
could taste this sweet
that a whole island
could get inside your heartbeat

Never knew a people you could love
one and all
strangers who’d pick you up
if you fall, by smiling

30 days are not enough
No, no, no, 60 days – nowhere near enough

Never knew that rice fields
could be so impossibly green
against a magic back-drop
sight unseen

Never knew such rainfall
nor lightning strikes
or colours of the rainbow
on motorbikes

90 days are not enough
No, no, no, 100 days still not enough

Never been bathed in an energy
so strong
realised the difference between black and white
right and wrong

Never thought I’d stay here
my whole life through
Bali you have given to me
now what can I do for you?

This poem was turned into a reggae song by Fredi Marley, a local artist who plays in Napi Urti, Monkey Forest Road, Ubud (usually Mon and Weds nights) – thanks Fredi.  He’s changed the name from ‘Bali’ to ‘Bali Holiday’ and I’m proud to be mentioned as co-writer of the song on his album, ‘Gurindam City’.

Yaniq also plays his own version of Bali Holiday during his live performances (he hasn’t recorded it yet, but if you want to hear a sample song that he has recorded, then click here for: ‘Ticket to Paradise‘).

The poem, with it’s original ‘Bali’ title, is also featured in the book, ‘A Taste of Bali – stories and poems’ that I wrote with Steve Castley.

Yaniq - acoustic rock!

Yaniq – one way ‘Ticket to Paradise’

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