Background to writing ‘A Taste of Bali’

I joined the Ubud writers group soon after helping them out as a volunteer at the 2010 Ubud Writer Reader Festival.  Steve, the founder, kindly invited me to write a book with him.  It seemed that he liked my poetry!

I describe my poems as ‘everyday poetry’.   This is because I use words and rhymes that are easily grasped and reflect what you can instantly recognise and connect with everyday here in Bali.  My poems also have a link with Steve’s story lines so the book flows well.

I feel that the poetry is effective because it is simple and upbeat.   The words reveal my level of happiness and I hope that some of that positivity is absorbed by whoever reads my poems.

Read a poem a day and feel uplifted.

…..Witness the changes
bad to good
good to better
happy to happier
smiles to beams
riches to richness
handshakes to hugs
sending heartfelt wishes of
health, peace and happiness to all

Go on….. shower the people with love

If you would like to buy a hard copy of the book please contact Steve at  and mention my name.  It’s also available as an e-book on Kindle from Amazon – here’s a link: A Taste of Bali (Kindle)

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