Performance in Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave)

I went to a fundraising event for victims in Japan.  One performance was by a group of mainly western people using unusual masks, very different from Balinese style masks.  They invited me to their next performance at Goa Gajah temple (known as the Elephant Cave, featuring an eleventh century carving in rock) – impressive imagery as you can see…

The presenter, Diane, invited me to yet another event that was a celebration of 1000 years of an important and ancient temple in a nearby village called Pejeng.  1000 years ago the key people in Bali got together to agree that Bali would ensure peace between all the religions here.  So this is the cornerstone of why the Balinese are so open and accommodating.  There were

World Peace Barong

performances, poetry readings and speeches by top people from Government, religious groups, Indonesian Heritage etc and everyone sat on the floor – not a single chair.  It ended with a performance by the ‘World Peace Barong’ and everyone was invited to give a small gift to the Barong such as a button or a piece of cloth – the only thing in my bag was a poem called ‘Love the Rain in Bali’, so I gave this to the World Peace Barong.

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