Offerings, offerings everywhere…

The Balinese people give offerings to the gods for many reasons and on many occasions.

They may be placed on newspapers to celebrate ‘Saraswati Day’ the goddess of knowledge;  at temples for ‘Odalan’ the anniversary of the temple;  in the soil before construction starts;  on top of laptops or motorbikes on the auspicious day for metals;  on the beach and of course at weddings and cremations- ah, but that’s a whole different story.

…Shh, I know a place

where men chant mantras in ancient tongue

where women prepare offerings all day long

where children learn the art of right and wrong

Shhh, I know such a place…

The pictures below show just some of the many different types of offerings used:

Offerings for Saraswati Day – goddess of knowledge
A room full of offerings:

Offerings on the beach

Offerings at a temple

Pasek placing offerings in the soil on my land

Offerings on my laptop

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  1. Hey Julie,
    Theo sent me the link to your blog. Amazing to think how life has changed for you in such a relatively short time. Not only do you look great but you sound great too, both inside and outside. How lovely to find a place where you and your spirit ‘fit’. Would really love to come and visit and experience it all for myself.
    And poetry too. who knows what’s hidden away inside until you find the key to unlock all the creativity, although it sounds as though you are in an inspiring environment. Not that I have read the book, just couldn’t get into her style of writing, but sounds as though it’s Eat Pray and Love for real.
    Good luck with the poetry, and please keep us updated, it’s lovely to hear your news and read about your Bali way of life.
    love Chris x

    • Hey Chris
      Thanks so much for the message… Yeah… poetry of all things eh! You are right though, this is a very inspiring place – let me know when you will come and visit. Hope all is well for you both.
      love Julie x

  2. Kuatarina

     /  25/09/2011

    PS. Love the colour of your laptop!x

  3. Kuatarina

     /  25/09/2011

    Hi Julie, It all sounds pretty amazing, and you seem to have settled in and are into the culture. Congratulations on your poems, etc. And Blog – very clever of you. I wouldn’t ‘have a clue.’
    Lots of love from Pai.
    Love Kuatarina x

    • Thanks Kuatarina – I had a bit of help with starting the blog from a friend here called Shyam, but it is true that once it is up and running its pretty easy to add to it with comments and pics. I’m still not sure about any other technical aspects yet though!
      Love Julie x


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