Fields of pineapples – basking in the sunlight

I admit it… I didn’t actually know how pineapples grew.  Before I came to Bali I had only ever seen pineapples in the green grocers, supermarkets or sliced up on my plate.  Had they grown on a tree or a bush – I didn’t have a clue.

Pineapple – growing in the garden

I was amazed when a Balinese friend pointed out a field of pineapples next to his house.  I took a closer look… under the bright sunlit sky I saw long leaves and yes, there in the middle of the plants growing low on the ground, were pineapples.

I told another friend about this and she said, ‘Yes, I have them growing in my garden too’.  I spoke to the guys who look after the house where I live and they said, ‘Yes, we have them in the garden as well’.  So after all this time of not knowing about pineapples I find that they are pretty much everywhere – including my own garden!

Apparently all you do is cut the top off of the pineapple that you have eaten, put it in the soil and another pineapple will grow out of it.  It’s as simple as that – well in this incredibly fertile soil and under tropical sun anyway.


I didn’t know
how pineapples grew

On a tree or a bush?
I didn’t have a clue

They just turned up
in my pancakes

In my fruit salad

Sometimes in my curry
though, thankfully, never in my stew

Then I saw them in my garden
they numbered quite a few

Looking so sweet and appetizing
next to melons – honey dew

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  1. Balram Naipal

     /  20/09/2011

    Hi Julie,
    R pineapples grown in abundance in Bali?

    ram. adelaide, south australia.

    • Hi Ram, I wouldn’t say that they are in abundance in the area where I live – more like a field or two here and there. Also people might have a dozen or so in their own gardens, like the ones I found hidden in my own garden. However, there are definitely more pineapples grown up towards the mountains which is north from me and even more grown in Java, the neighbouring island.

  2. makes me want to move to Bali

    • Thanks for the comment – you are the first person to comment and probably one of the first to even see my blog, as I haven’t told people about it yet – I’m very new to this.

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