Is it funny yet?

Here is an extract from Steve’s story from our book  ‘A Taste of Bali – stories and poems’  called ‘Is it funny yet?’ (note: my poems can be found under the heading of ‘My Poems’):

“An Australian friend decided that the way to her first million dollars was to start importing Indonesian handicrafts to sell at weekend markets. Dani asked us to assist with buying at the Bali end and we were happy to agree. Who doesn’t enjoy shopping, especially with someone else’s money?

For the first container Dani came to Bali to work with us on sourcing items so we could see the type of products she wanted and what she thought would sell. We eventually filled the container with ceramic chimney pots, metal candle holders, lamps, Buddhas of every ilk, fairy dresses, sarongs, kids’ clothing, knick-knack furniture and hammocks. Her choice of products proved to hit the right spot with the market and other containers followed over the next few years. After that first successful shipment, we were on our own and in for many adventures.

“The hammocks sell well but I can’t mark them up much. Is there any chance you can find a cheaper supplier?” Dani asked over the phone.
“What if my company makes them? We could supply them for two thirds the price.” I replied, seeing cash flowing in.
“Go for it. I’ll take the first hundred you make.” she replied, and we were in the hammock business.
“How much trouble could we possibly get into making hammocks?” I pondered……”

To find out what happened in the hammock business check out ”A Taste of Bali – stories and poems’ it’s available as an e-book on Kindle from Amazon A Taste of Bali (Kindle) or hard copy from– please mention my name!

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