The Tooth Fairy – Bali Style

Here is an extract from Steve’s story from our book  ‘A Taste of Bali – stories and poems’  called ‘The Tooth Fairy – Bali Style’ (note: my poems can be found under the heading of ‘My Poems’).

“When a child’s tooth falls out here [in Sri Lanka], the parents throw it up on the roof of the house. We believe that putting the old tooth up there encourages the new tooth to grow out and replace it.”
“That’s what we do in Indonesia too,” Bayu added.

After lunch, Bayu and I decided to rest by the pool in our resort. I was nearly asleep when he said, “That’s only part of the tooth story.”
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“In Indonesia, we only throw the bottom teeth up on the roof. We believe that the new tooth will grow upwards looking for it. When the top teeth come out, we bury them in the garden. This makes the top teeth grow downwards in search of the missing tooth.”
“What happens if you mix them up?” I asked.
Bayu laughed. “When we see someone with prominent top teeth, we sometimes joke that their parents must have thrown their top baby teeth onto the roof by mistake.”

Is the tooth fairy a gay dentist? – read more about it in ‘A Taste of Bali – stories and poems’ – available as an e-book on Kindle from Amazon A Taste of Bali (Kindle) or hard copy from– please mention my name!

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