Feeding an iguana with a dead, yet moving, cricket…

Some time ago, I was asked to look after Michael’s orchid shop while he went to buy a cage for his new iguana!

Apparently he had been eating breakfast in a café when the iguana came up really close to him.  When Michael held out a bag the iguana went straight into it, so he brought it home as a pet – as you do!

So, there I am looking after an orchid garden and when Michael got back with the cage he put the small, green, cute (in a pre-historic looking way) iguana inside it.

I thought the iguana might be hungry so Wayan, my Balinese driver who took me there, found a cricket.  He went to give the cricket to me  so that I could feed the iguana, but I didn’t really want to hold a live cricket, so he killed it..

I’m holding the body of a decapitated cricket between my finger and thumb….. but it was still moving – eeek!  I dropped it into the cage and watched as the iguana put it in his mouth and just sat there for about 5 minutes, presumably savouring the moments and the flavours before actually getting around to eating it.

This was yet another new experience for me… feeding an iguana with a dead, yet moving, cricket!

Anyway, just 15 minutes after I got home Michael called to explain that the iguana had managed to

Big daddy iguana

escape from the cage and was now sitting in the garden looking at him.

I hoped it was the start of a beautiful friendship!!!

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