Monkeys on my roof…

The enchantingly beautiful Monkey Forest is just 10 mins walk away from my home.  There are some 400+ monkeys in the forest and, although the monkeys come into the street, causing passersby to point and take pics, they very rarely stray far.

On this day, however, I woke up to what sounded like elephants running over the roof.  I peered outside…

There's a monkey on my balcony

a dozen monkeys were leaping and chasing each other, swinging from the banana tree to the coconut tree in my garden and scampering from roof to balcony  – even climbing, deftly, down a drainpipe.

A little pile of monkey poo had been deposited right near, but thankfully not on, my shoe rack on my outside porch.

One of the cheeky fella’s took a short cut across my balcony ignoring me completely while another one bared his teeth at me through the bamboo fence.

It must have been party time, maybe they were celebrating – or maybe they just wanted to let these humans know who really runs the joint.  Either way their antics went on for a few hours before they, presumably, got bored and went back home to the forest.

A monkey high up on the roof

Thankfully the roof tiles seem to have withstood the onslaught.  I expected some leaks to appear but all seems well at the moment – although we haven’t had a big downpour since then!

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