Weekend getaway on a small island

If you want peace and tranquility then Nusa Lembongan, an island just off the south east coast of Bali, is a great place to go.

Boat delivery at sunset in Nusa Lembongan

Laid-back restaurants line the beach where you can sit and marvel at the local people carrying anything, from baskets of fruit to motorbikes, off of the boats and through the waves that lap up to their thighs.  Watch the children throwing water onto the sand so that small sea worms appear which they deftly catch and put in a bucket to sell to fisherman.  Maybe you might want to buy a special seashell from these same children.

There are only a handful of vehicles on the island so maybe grab a motorbike driver who can take you high up on the hill for fab views.  Visit Devil’s Tear where the ocean strikes so hard against the rock that tears constantly run down the cliff until the next powerful

Sunset beach near Devil's Tear

wave hits and sprays you all over again.

Take a tour through the mangroves on a small boat and out to the ocean to snorkel through shoals of fish and above many coloured corals.  You just gently drift, on the current, to the destination where the captain picks you up again – effortless snorkelling.  Want something more energetic, get the local guys to teach you to surf.

At the far end of the mangroves and seaweed farms, sip your cocktail at sunset while lazing on a bale (gazebo) that is actually in the shallows of the ocean.  If you are lucky then the mighty volcano on Bali, Mount Agung, might show himself through distant fluffy clouds.

Busy streets of Nusa Lembongan

What a lovely relaxing weekend you can have.

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