Entertainment – Bali style

My Balinese friend, Mini, (Mini by name and mini by nature) invited me to her place for rujak – which is a delicious spicy sauce that you dip slices of fruit into (I suppose we would call it a spicy fruit fondue).

We sat on the floor with some of her friends watching the sunset over the ricefields and ate fresh mango, salak (sometimes called snakeskin fruit because of what it looks like) and another tropical fruit that I don’t know the name of (apple-ish) dipped in the hot, hot, hot rujak – nice.

When her friends had left Mini explained that she needed to do some ironing and then water the garden.  I offered to help but she said no and offered me two options while she was busy – watch a film on her laptop or get the neighbour in to give me a massage.  Unfortunately the neighbour was busy so I ended up watching Avatar, well half of it – it’s a long film!

Rujak is a mixture of shrimp paste, chilli, salt, water and a brown, carmelised palm sugar that you buy as a big lump and then shave off thin slices.  You mix all the ingredients in a mortar and pestle, result = a very tasty and spicy rujak!  People who know me well will realise that this is the first recipe I’ve ever been interested in.

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