Did the earth move for you?

Well that was exciting – in a laxative kind of way!  We just had a pretty big earthquake = 6.8.

I was just standing outside, underneath the coconut tree, and the whole earth shook violently for a good number of seconds that seemed a lot longer.  Needless to say I moved away from the tree…  It’s all quiet now though – phew!

Earth tremors and quakes are reasonably common here as Indonesia sits on top of four tectonic plates, Australian, Philippine, Eurasia and Pacific and it is also in an area called the Ring of Fire because there are over 150 volcanoes in the country!  Having said that, it is a massive country which consists of over 17,500 islands, so some of them are spread around far and wide.

There are only a mere 3 volcanoes on the island of Bali whereas our neighbouring island, Java has a quite a few more… 46 to be exact!  Hmm, I was thinking of going to Java for a few days next week – should I think again?

But right now my thoughts are with Japan – as the last time I woke in my bed with the windows rattling and floor shaking, it was only about 8 hours before the quake and tsunami in Japan happened – we want no repeats of that, thank you very much.

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