Drilling for water – 40 meters deep

My building work stopped for a while after I had reached the foundation and ‘ stick’ stage (they delightfully call the pillars – sticks).

Pillars (sticks!) being erected in April 2011

Pillars (sticks!) being erected in April 2011

However, things are moving again now as some funds have arrived.  In the last few days two trucks worth of sand have been carried down the alley to my land on the top of women’s heads (as always happens here) and the men have started to drill the bore hole for water – it ended up being 40 meters deep.

I bought the workmen some cigarettes – trust me, even if I bought them something else they would just go to the shop and swap it for cigarettes.

Ever seen a spade like this before?

Ever seen a spade like this before?

So sometimes I give in and buy them cigarettes in the first place.

However, Ive subsequently found out that they don’t even like the ‘relatively’ expensive cigarettes that I buy (about 85pence for 20) apparently they go and exchange my one packet for two local  packets of cigarettes which they much prefer.  Then I found out that the local cigarettes have no filter! – I’m going to buy them fruit from now on – probably Durian (see extract from Steve’s article about Durian under New Book category).

Drilling for water

Drilling for water

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  1. f

     /  29/11/2011

    Hi Julie… can’t wait to see the progress..you must be so over the moon..hope to see you soon..mwaaaaaahxxxx

    • Yes, just in the last few days there has been a big delivery of metal, along with even more wood and bamboo. I will update the blog soon with some more pics – did you get a tenant in the end?

  2. Kuatarina

     /  22/10/2011

    Yes, I’ve seen a spade like that before. Where have you BEEN, Julie! And yes, buy them fruit! They’ll get cigarettes somehow, anyhow! xxx

    • Hi Kuatarina
      Yes, of course, you are right – I have seen plenty of spades like that over here – but I doubt that many people from UK would have seen them before, as UK spades are the other way around.

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