An auspicious day for prosperity…

Yesterday was an auspicious day for gold and prosperity.  So, of course, Pasek (the manager of my house) made the usual trays of offerings to spread around the house and garden.

Offerings for Buddha Kliwon

Offerings for Buddha Kliwon

He brought up a beautifully coloured selection of coconut and banana leaf trays overflowing with flowers and topped with incense sticks.  He then asked me for ALL the money I had in my purse which was almost a million (well, a million rupiah is about 70quid).  Now, when this first happens, you think “What? – you want all my money?… what’s going on here?”

Pasek making the offerings

Pasek making the offerings

But then you realise that you place all your money with the offerings and Pasek makes the offering with holy water and a frangipani flower.  You leave it in the hands of the gods for a few hours and then take it back again.  Having appeased the gods with flowers, fire, money and on this particular occasion gold  (I only have a silver ring, so I used that instead) you can feel suitably blessed and wait for prosperity to arrive.

The painting on the right of the table is of Quan Yim and my friend Kuatarina painted it, there is also a Quan Yim on the wall that I was given on another occasion that maybe I will write about one day.  On the table you can see a Ganesha with 2 frangipani flowers that get replaced daily and there is a small Buddha at the back of the flower offerings.  – Yeah, I know… this is a bit of a mix of Balinese, Chinese and Indian symbolism – a bit odd for a previously non-believer……..

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  1. Sherry Bronson

     /  17/11/2011

    Hi Julie,
    I enjoy checking in with your blog now and then to catch up with your life in Bali and see the photos. Each day brings me closer, but I have a lot of Minnesota winter to live through before mid-March!
    Sherry Bronson

    • Hi Sherry
      Thanks so much – wishing you a mild winter and I’m sure that March will be here soon enough. Wow, my house will be built by then – yiphee!


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