Swamp monster perhaps?

There was this almighty cracking sound – the bathroom floor tiles downstairs erupted in a violent rebellion against being flat.  They had pushed themselves together so fiercely that they were now like ceramic mountains at least five inches high.  This must be how volcanoes are formed, I concluded.

I was convinced it happened because of ‘swamp monster’ under the house – or, a little more sensibly, maybe it had been an earthquake (as I’m not actually anywhere near a swamp!).  However, the ever sensible, Pasek said that it was because of the difference in temperature as the air conditioning downstairs had been set high for a few days whereas its not normally used.

Needless to say he repaired it the next day and swamp monster has not returned.

And, in case you were wondering, this was nothing to do with the recent earthquake we experienced here.

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