Magical Bali Toastmasters Convention in Sanur

I just attended and helped out at the Bali Magical Toastmasters Convention which had nearly 200 guests mainly from Bali, Java, Brunei and Malaysia (from places with great names such as Kota Kinabalu!).

A Balinese welcome

A Balinese welcome

I looked after the Silent Auction which included wonderful things to bid on, such as a 2 nights stay in an Elephant safari lodge (not far from where I live) complete with riding and feeding rare Sumatran Elephants, not to mention having an ‘Elephant Chauffeur’ service from your room!!!

There were white water rafting vouchers, a golf package, dinner at some great restaurants, jewelery, tableware, CD’s and a number of spa treatments/pamper days.  I even bid on an oxygen facial – something I would never normally have considered splashing out on, but I got it for a third of the normal price.

The convention lasted 4 days and included speech competitions, spontaneous speeches (where I read a poem) and a welcome night where the guests were accompanied along the road to the restaurant by a Balinese orchestra and then greeted with flowers by Balinese girls in traditional dress.

Toastmasters welcome night

Toastmasters welcome night

The audience got involved in traditional Balinese things like making offerings and learning kecak (they split the people into 4 groups and each group were given different sounds to make and then they put them all together – when you see the Balinese perform this, along with the special dance, it is very impressive).

On Saturday night they held a gala dinner with a Magenta and Gold colour theme – so much brighter and more stunning than the usual little black dress!  Prizes were given to the many different clubs represented at the convention for their achievements.

There were some excellent guest speakers, my favourite being Craig Valentine, whose motivational speech left you full of new ideas/phrases like:

Live your dream (that’s what I’m doing here in Bali!)

Balinese dancer (Cok Ratih - member of Royalty) at the welcome night

Balinese dancer (Cok Ratih - member of Royalty) at the welcome night

Change small and change often….  Are people on my way – or in my way?

Imagination – is the best nation… (he was told this by a homeless person who followed up with ‘Donation is the next best nation’, as she held her hand out!) ha ha ha.

If you hold a grudge – its actually that the grudge holds you!

Write down your perfect day.

What you drive is not as important as what drives you.

and many others…

I want to say a big congratulations to all the organisers who

Toastmasters Convention Sanur closing ceremony

Toastmasters Convention Sanur closing ceremony

made this convention such a success (and a special thanks to Miranda).

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