Building update…

Metal framework being put into place

(if you want to see the build up to this stage then take a look here…  ).

Workmen fixing the metal frame on my floor

Pasek, my building manager, and Ketut, the builder discussing the project, while the workmen put the metal in place by hand.

From the garden looking up

From the garden looking up

Metal rods everywhere

Metal rods everywhere

They laid two grids of metal across the whole floor

The first time I stood on the roof - with Pasek

The first time I stood on the floor – with Pasek

It was actually bouncy because we were standing on the two grids of metal not yet encased in concrete.  You can see Pasek here with a glass of coffee which is how it is usually served in Bali (not to the tourists though!)

Team work

Team work

These guys worked SO hard all day and into the night as this job had to be finished in one go for the strength of the floor.  They didn’t have the luxury of a mixer, because there wasn’t enough space to bring one down the path, so they mixed everything by hand – it was a BIG job and extremely well done by them all – luckily there was no rain and it wasn’t too hot either.

Mixing by hand

Mixing by hand

Wave to the workmen...

Wave to the workmen…

Shoveling wheelbarrows worth of stones and sand

Shoveling wheelbarrows worth of stones and sand

They actually shovelled truck loads of stones and sand in wheelbarrows

Now onto the next phase – putting the first floor pillars up

Building the upstairs pillars

Building the upstairs pillars

Click to see the finished house, Rumah Jepun.

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  1. Sandeh

     /  26/12/2011

    I just love the way you are involved into your construction…you remember me at that stage? a little bit more then a year ago? I remnember how exciting it has been to stand finally on the floor , enjoying the new view from above…discovering the ricefields across the ravine…oh Julie, I send you so much love and patience to get the work finished, so we can have a big house-worming party !!!!
    All my love, Sandeh

    • Hi Sandeh, yes I remember your house construction clearly. Every exciting day brings me a bit closer to living in my Balinese home, a home that is being made by hand – very talented and gifted hands! Just over Christmas time the steps have been worked on, the window frames have been ordered and the wood carvings on the pillars have been decided on. Each development makes me smile 🙂 roll on the house warming party!
      Hope to see you before New Year.
      Julie x

  2. It’s an exciting time, building a house. And yours is in such a beautiful location.

  3. Kuatarina

     /  15/12/2011

    I can’t wait to see it finished. Looks like it will be some house!

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