Cicaks and Geckos

These wonderful looking, and harmless, Geckos (called Tokay here in Bali) are quite shy, so I don’t often see them but I frequently hear their call.

The call of the Gecko is sometimes considered to be lucky.  Seven renditions of a sound reminiscent of the word ‘Gecko’ or ‘Tokay’ is lucky for you, but if they call nine times then it is lucky for everyone.

          A cute looking Gecko eh!  A picture of his Cicak cousin is below.

One of nature’s natural mosquito removers, the Cicak, is smaller and less colourful than its many coloured Gecko cousins.

Cicak on my balcony wall
Cicak on my balcony wall

But the Cicak’s speedy movements are more fascinating to watch as they go about their main business of catching their flying meals.


I saw a cicak
short stubby legs
zig zagging along
my floor

It ran up the wall
slithered the ceiling
at the light fitting it moved
no more

I watched its stillness
no movement left
maybe it needed an
upside down nap

Sleep interrupted
by breakfast’s arrival
a juicy fly close enough
to trap

Licking its lips
moving on its way
darting forward
then back

No place to call home
just freedom of the road,
the walls, the roof
and the crack



Oh yes, if they are in danger they might just leave their tail behind…

Gecko / Tokay

Gecko / Tokay

So, you like nature’s creatures eh?  Then you might want to take a look at butterflies, batsmonkeys, tropical birds, kittens, turtles and manta rays  or click here for a snake, iguana, luwak etc.,

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