A round up of a fabulous year – 2011

So much happened in 2011 – amazing experiences and adventures… from building my house, joining a writers group, becoming a published poet, having 3 books launches, family and friends visiting me, meeting Yaniq, joining Toastmasters, having articles printed in magazines and spending a whole day, nine hours, meditating!

Also, taking trips around Bali and to other islands (Nusa Lembongan and Java), starting this blog, reading my poetry at literary events, going fishing for the first time, having my poems turned into music, going to a kite festival, snorkeling in a hot ocean, having such an excellent social life in Ubud,volunteering at the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, going to weddings, not to mention numerous Balinese ceremonies, experiencing a 6.8 earthquake and, of course, learning, learning, learning – every day!

A truly wonderful year and I’m full of gratitude…

Thanks to the artists’ brush
I see visions of beauty and stillness
thanks to the sculptors’ chisel
I see expressions of spiritual oneness

Thanks to the many kites in the sky
I can teach a child to count
thanks to the freedom I feel
I can say yes when others won’t

Thanks to the moon in the sky
I have enough light to illuminate the way
and thanks to the flowers in the trees
I have so many blossoms to brighten my day…

Thank you, Bali

Thank you Bali, family and friends

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