Vision for 2012

I spent a fascinating day focusing on good things for the coming year.

My friend Sandeh organised it at her house, well actually at her octagonal, roof top, meditation space with views of volcanos beyond the jungle.

Sandeh's White Lotus roof top Meditation octagon

Sandeh’s White Lotus roof top Meditation octagon

The day consisted of a blend of meditation techniques as well as interesting ways of letting the past year go and focusing on good things for the year to come.

After Kundalini meditation (which consists of specific breathwork and shaking) we wrote down all the things from last year that we didn’t like or that were problematic and then…. we burned the paper!  The effect was as if you burn away the issue itself – it disappears into a puff of smoke!

A vegetarian lunch was then eaten in meditative silence and followed by an hour of heart chakra mediation before we went on to the main part of the event…

…We each had a very large sheet of paper, pair of scissors, a picture of ourselves and loads of magazines.   We had to cut out images, words and ideas reflecting what we wanted in our lives and place them on the paper, in line with feng shui principles.

2012 Vision collage

2012 Vision collage

In the middle of the paper we put our own photograph and cuttings relating to our health and harmony.  Then, starting at the position below our photo and moving clockwise around the paper, we placed supporting words and images that were connected to:

  1. Career
  2. Wisdom / knowledge
  3. Family
  4. Wealth / prosperity
  5. Fame / reputation
  6. Partnership / marriage
  7. Children /creativity
  8. Friends / helping hands

I’ve often thought how odd it is that businesses make plans for the year ahead but people rarely do, except maybe New Years resolutions which often become unstuck fairly quickly.  With this method you are actually focusing your energies towards your future year in a very healthy, positive and wide ranging way by sticking them on the sheet with glue.

Sandeh guided us throughout the rewarding and surprisingly long day, which finished off with us choosing a Tarot card and her explaining that the reason we did this on the 7th Jan was because of the special energy that comes from the first full moon of the year on the 8th – an auspicious time!

Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge against the jungle backdrop

Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge against the jungle backdrop

Let me know if you want to join me at another of her meditation evenings/retreats.

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  1. Thank you Sandeh – with your words I think my collage is ‘fully charged’ now… It’s gonna be a great year! Sama sama to you too.

  2. Sandeh

     /  10/01/2012

    You really are a wonderful writer! I could not have said it better. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and joy with us. The Gods shall bless you, my dear friend!
    I wish you all the fulfillments you deserve.

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