More Bonsai trees….

The most popular post on my blog in 2011 was about Bonsai trees….


Well, I’ve got a treat in store for you guys who are interested in these great plants – MORE pics on Bonsai’s – just for you!



Once again, these pics were all taken at the Sanur Village Festival where there were more Bonsai trees than you could shake a stick at.



Last year we had a Bonsai tree festival in Ubud too, so maybe there will be another one again this year.

…Upright, swaying
curving backwards on themselves
trees too small for people
perfect for fairies and elves…



Reminds me of Rapunzel hahaha…



If you look carefully at the one above, you can just see the thin wire wrapped around the branch to train it.
…gentle metal training
from saplings until old
owners caring daily
for precious pots of lush, green gold…



Looking beyond the one above you can see a long table with even more Bonsai trees…



There were hundreds at the festival



The one above was in an area, like a workshop, where the men were manipulating the plants to grow over stones etc.

I know a place where you can go to see a large number of bonsai trees here in Bali.

If you decide to come and stay at my accommodation for your holidays I can arrange a trip to see these bonsai trees (unless of course they have all been sent off to a festival) – click here to take a look at my accommodation.

Meanwhile, click here to see my first entry about bonsai trees.

Right now I’m in London for a few weeks (May 2013) and the Chelsea Flower Show is celebrating its 100th year! – I watched it on TV but I didn’t see any Bonsai!

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  1. Yes! The poetry is a great addition.

  2. Great, thanks. I’ve just put a couple of stanza’s from my Bonsai poem into that blog page

  3. Hi Julie,
    I signed up on your blog to get new entries sent to my e-mail so I wouldn’t miss any of your great stories and photos. Like this one about bonsai! Have you written any poems about these little trees? They might be a perfect subject for haiku.
    Miniature tree
    Looking like Rapunzel’s hair
    Waiting for her prince.

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