Reviews of ‘A Taste of Bali’

‘A Taste of Bali’ with poems written by me and stories by Steve Castley, was reviewed on on 23 January and 7 July 2012 respectively by Rita T and Jim Wallace.

Rita T said this about the book:

“A very funny and thought provoking book. While bringing back memories if my holiday in Bali, the book also gives insights into life in Bali and local customs, highlighting both the contrasts and similarities with Western Culture.

Going deeper though, book goes far beyond just an insight into Bali life and urges to take us to take a deeper look at ourselves. The short stories are incredibly funny, yet also often contain a message on how we impact others with our behaviour, and urges us to give thought to our actions and their impact on the wider universe.

The poetry challenges us to look deeper within ourselves. As someone that recently started a new life on the other side of the world, I found “Old for New” very poignant. Both the poem “contentment” and the accompanying story about the deference between needs and wants urges us to think about our “needs: verses “wants”.

I envy the poet her ability to “Shower People with love” and it has inspired me to try and at the very least, smile more! It’s amazing how many smiles I get back!”

stories and poems

Another reviewer, Jim Wallace, wrote the following:

“The author Steve Castley has relocated from Australia to Bali and is sharing their experiences as he integrates into the Balinese way of life. As you might expect there are times when things you take completely for granted in your own culture are vastly different in this new culture.

The author takes us through their learning curve and we get an insight into the Balinese culture and way of life. Each chapter tends to be a self contained episode and I found it a perfect read for my commute each day.

Each episode is also complemented by a poem that is supplied by Julie Silvester. It certainly comes through in the book that Bali is a place that would seem to inspire an artist, and the poetry really emphasises that, capturing the emotions of the preceding chapter and amplifying them.

If you are intersted in Bali or are thinking of travelling there, or just interested in other cultures than your own you should find this book a worthwhile read.”

If you want to purchase the book on kindle via Amazon click here  or if you are in Indonesia please contact me for a hard copy.

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