My favourite eating experience

We lounge against cushions on a wooden bale (gazebo).

Below us lies a pond, dotted with pink unfolding lotus flowers, which stretches out to greet the rice paddies.  The green fields of young rice meet the distant jungle, framed by a big sky.

Yaniq sounding the miniature kul kul - to order more beer

Yaniq sounding the miniature kul kul - to order more beer

Sitting above a lotus pond surrounded by nature’s sights and sounds – bird’s, frogs the trickle of water – we eat delicious bbq’d local fish served on banana leaves (no washing up!).

Eating Balinese style means just using the fingers of your right hand – no cutlery in sight.  Teasing the soft fish from the bones and scooping it up with a little rice and vegetables in your fingers is a wonderful natural experience.  Dipping it into the spicy sambal mixture and then popping it into your mouth directly from your fingers means there’s no contamination from the taste of a metal fork on your tongue and no washing up!

Fish dish served in banana leaves

Local fish dish served in banana leaves

The setting, the food and the way of eating is natural.

Even the way of calling the waitress to ask for another bottle of beer relies on nature – you use a wooden stick against a piece of bamboo (like a minature kul kul).

Don’t worry about your sticky fingers you can easily clean them at the outdoor washbasin.

 See the outdoor washbasin made of stone

See the outdoor washbasin made of stone in this stunning restaurant setting - minutes before the rain came

Hmmm, think I might go for lunch at ‘Janggar Ulam’ again tomorrow…

Janggar Ulam is in the village called Teges, which is a short distance from Ubud, past the turning to Mas, you will find it on the right hand side of the road, just before the large expanse of rice fields.

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  1. Liz Morrison

     /  16/02/2012

    Where exactly s Warung Bernadette? I hear there is Avery good western deli next door. I would kill for a decent olive!

    • Shane explained that Warung Bernadette was close to the newly opened Ubud Deli – They are both near Suly Resort (which also has a branch of Sari Organik inside) – on opposite side of the road from Ibu Oka in Mas.

  2. Yes, one of our favourite places also. And I always have the fish. Delicious. Now I want to try Warung Bernadette on Mas Road not too far from Janggar Ulam.

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