Happy Valentines Day

Yes, it’s that wonderful day again.  A time to celebrate love and all things… lovely!

I’m up in the mountains for a couple of romantic days away, yet thanks to the smoke and mirrors of the internet I can ‘post’ this blog on Valentines Day even though I’m nowhere near a computer!

So here is a Valentines poem:

Words of love

I posted words
of love to you
to be delivered
to your heart

The postman delivered
that very same day
and that was just
the start

You returned the love
and I felt I was
the centre of
your stage

Our love it grew
from those few words
they turned into
a page

The pages spread
like branches on trees
they soon became
a book

And now I see
you smile at me
whichever way
I look

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  1. Francoise

     /  16/02/2012

    Lovely Julie:) lovely!

  2. Whoops…branCHes.

  3. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your love! What a fabulous poem…pages like brances becoming a book…I love it!


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