Stunning rice terraces

We went up to the stunning rice terraces of Jati Luwih.

Valentines Day in the mountains
Valentines Day in the mountains

Just beyond the bale, where Yaniq tried to teach me how to play the rindik (bamboo instrument), was a fabulous view of the bright green rice terraces.

Yaniq playing rindik (bamboo instrument)

Yaniq playing the rindik

Rice, right down to the river

Rice, right down to the river

We took a nice long walk into the green and then relaxed in a little hut over looking the giant bolders in the fast paced river below.

Next day we went to Angseri hot springs which were very different from other ones I’ve been to in Bali.

Here you get shown to your own ‘room’ – well it has walls and small windows on three sides and a bamboo jungle on the far side.

Inside the room there is only one thing – a pool made of rock with fresh, hot spring water coming in from one side and leaving via a bamboo tunnel on the other side.

The constant supply of hot spring water means you lay down in the knee high pool and almost float, even though there is no salt.

Thirty minutes and wrinkled fingers later we emerged relaxed and a little peckish – and I swear that my backache had disappeared!

We took a peek at the communal pool but it was a bit too lime green for my liking, probably an effect from the lush greenery that surrounded it, and then there was the waterfall – very fresh and nice, the frogs liked it there too!

Near the hot springs is a wonderful ‘Organic Farm & Stay’ which I would highly recommend for lunch (click here for more about this unique place).

In front of the small temple inside the lake at Batukaru

In front of the small temple inside the lake at Batukaru - you can see the steps to the temple which are just under the water line

The next day we went to Batukaru temple, even higher up in the mountains.

By the lake next to the main temple we saw birds whose black and white colouring were really outstanding as the colours made the birds look like arrows.

There were also a few Java Kingfishers – bright blue with a long red beak and screechy voices, that were flying around the smaller temple inside the middle of the lake.

Our lunch stop was in the tranquil gardens of Prana Dewi, another organic restaurant which grows organic red rice.

While we were away Yaniq wrote, not one, but two new songs which I helped write the lyrics for: ‘Choose another way’ and ‘Without you here’ (working title).

Stunning rice terrace view
Rice - as far as the eye can see
Rice – as far as the eye can see in Jati Luwih

I was a little surprised that there were only a few fire flies in the rice fields at night but maybe it is too cold for them so high up in the mountains, but the lack of fire flies was made up for by the number of stars, ahh!

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  1. Very true, it’s absolutely nice. I also recommend Jatiluwih from it’s wild site. The beautiful evergreen rainforest. The Giri Rainforest Tented Resort offers possibilities to discover the surrounding and overnights in 8 comfortable tents with en suit private bathroom. From each furnished terrace of the tents you enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of with rainforest covered mountain peaks. Visit just for lunch also possible.

  2. suzanne lehman

     /  05/03/2012

    Beautiful pictures!!

  3. sandehvallesi

     /  17/02/2012

    wow! what a trip! beautiful pics!
    Lucky you with the weather,
    thanks for showing beauti…

  4. How lovely your photos are. We went to the hot springs for Kuningan but missed good views of the rice fields. The rain was bucketing down when we got there.

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