I once bathed in a rainbow

These rainbow photos were taken from the rice paddies in Jalan Bisma, Ubud which is the next road along from where I live.

Sky painting

Sky painting!


of the air
your brushes
will never run dry


Architect of
even higher

Somewhere over the rainbow

Somewhere over the rainbow


The earth herself
pays respect
not to mention
the sky gazers


Who look up
and give
a nod of appreciation
to you



I once bathed in a rainbow!  No really… my friend and I went into a deep valley in north Bali where a big waterfall landed into a pool.

We jumped in the pool and saw that we were surrounded by the colours of the rainbow on the surface of the water.  When either of us moved right or left a bit, the colours moved at the same time – it was a fabulous experience.

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