Effortless snorkelling

After swimming with Manta Rays, see link here, we headed off to Lembongan point.

A tasty lunch was eaten, while gently bobbing up and down on the boat admiring the coastline views and the occasional ‘flying fish’ and I don’t mean Manta, but the small fish that really do fly just above the ocean for quite some way before re-entering their wet abode.

Pretty coastline scenery

Pretty coastline scenery

It was time to snorkel again.  The beauty of snorkelling in this particular area is the sheer effortlessness of it, but you don’t realise that at first.

What happens is that you jump off the boat and the captain says ‘just let the current take you’ he then proceeds to start the motor and whizzes off into the distance.

You are left in clear, warm waters with great visibility and, luckily, before you have time to be concerned that the boat is out of reach, your life-jacket cloaked body is being carried by the current in the same direction that the boat just headed – effortless.

Surrender to the ocean, let it take you above the colourful scenes below, let it guide you softly yet firmly to where the captain knows you will be delivered… safe, sound and with wonderment etched on your face.

The underwater scenes are those of another world, a colourfully drenched seascape of strange shapes, textures and dance like movements.  Fish, of many different persuasions, sway in their stationery sleeping position due to the effects of the small waves that, unknown to them, push and pull their little bodies from right to left.  Those who are awake are darting here and there as they go about their fishy business of the day.

Fish - busy doing their thing

Fish - busy doing their thing

When you are surrounded by an uncountable number of glistening fish all moving as one in the water around you, in front, on your sides, at your back and, of course, below you, it’s the nearest you are ever likely to get to ‘become a fish’.  It’s almost as though the fish have accepted you into their watery clan, you’ve become one with the fish and it feels just fine.

Seconds later your new found friends may have found a new spot to swim in and they all zoom off in that direction not even bothering to wave goodbye.  Don’t worry, it’s not personal, you just return to being human again and continue your slow journey into new realms.

Fabulous corals, some with tree like branches or ferns, will be gliding in tune with the pulse of the ocean.  Vivid purples, vibrant pinks, crazy yellow tipped browns, billowing blues, striking greens… the stunning display of the multi-hued sea garden is, well… stunning.

You float above a blue star fish, a coral designed like a brain, a rocky outcrop with soft pink, almost furry like, ‘hair’ growing out of it.  Sometimes a solitary fish makes an appearance just in front of your face and appears to look at you, probably trying to work out what on earth (or should that read ‘what in water’) you are.  You, on the other hand, know exactly what you are – a happy snorkeller!

The smile of a happy snorkeller

The smile of a happy snorkeller

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