The roof is up

It’s been so exciting for me recently… I’d been away for the weekend (swimming with Manta Rays!) and when I got back the roof tiles were up!

The second I saw it my heart jumped up into my mouth in shock about just how good it looked.  I’m obviously bias and emotionally attached, in fact my friend Claudia refers to my house as my baby, she pops over sometimes to ‘see how the baby is growing’.

The roof tiles are on

The roof tiles are on

Anyway, having a roof turned it from looking like a collection of walls into an actual house and it made me smile – a lot.  They had also fixed the lightening rod to the pinnacle of the roof and it goes some 7 meters down into the ground – I feel a lot safer now as we have had some huge tropical storms in the last week.

Before plaster and before roof tiles

A collection of walls - before the plaster and roof tiles were put up

The cables for the wiring have already been channeled into the walls, the finishing plaster/render (called ‘mill’) is now on, well upstairs anyway.  My door frames have been set in place and carefully covered in plastic to prevent any damage while work is continuing.

Carefully plastering around the door frame and covering the wiring

Carefully plastering around the door frame and covering the wiring

The floor tiles have arrived and I’ve already chosen most of the bathroom fittings – although my bathroom ‘garden and water feature’ hasn’t been decided upon yet.

I can’t wait to luxuriate in a brand new bath tub, full of flowers, in the brand new bathroom of my brand new home, looking at the indoor garden and water fountain while drinking a glass of wine, ahha nice.

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  1. I got tears in my eyes seeing your “real-looking” house! The door frames are slightly visible through the protective covering. I’m so excited for you! How will you be able to contain yourself surrounded by so much beauty day after day? And its YOURS ALL YOURS!

  2. Hazel Silvester

     /  16/03/2012

    Great news Julie. Your house is looking more like your ‘home’ now. It is so in keeping with your environment. Love it Cheers Hazel

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