Wouldn’t it be nice if all countries aimed for Gross National Happiness

We went to see a film called ‘Happy’.

What a great name for a film and what a cool venue to see it in… lounging and drinking beer while watching Happy being screened on the wall of a bar called Betel Nut*.

The Japanese documentary maker was there to talk about Happy and promote happiness.  In the film many people from different countries were interviewed and they all agreed that happiness was not gained from where people often seem to think it is gained from (i.e. having money, material goods, status, fame etc).

In fact a number of individuals who had experienced significant traumas explained that they were more happy after their accident or misfortune, than they were before, because the incident had made them realise what was really important i.e. family, friends, caring, support, giving, respect, nature etc.

Psychotherapists spoke about how, years ago, only unhappiness and depression were studied, measured and focused upon but nowadays they are looking at and measuring happiness and wellbeing.

I loved hearing about the Buddhist country of Bhutan which, instead of just concentrating on their countries GDP (gross domestic product), actively aim to raise their GNH – Gross National Happiness!

I bet that everyone came away happier after watching the film 🙂

*Belet nut is like a chewing tobacco which stains your mouth red – I saw that effect on quite a few people in Thailand but only a few Balinese in more remote areas of the island.

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  1. What a great concept! I just “shared” your post with my Facebook and Twitter Friends. Maybe the idea will catch on.

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