From bread you can eat – to bread you can spend!

I live upstairs

A couple of years ago, having seen me sit on the sofa typing away at my laptop, Pasek (who manages the house where I live – until my new one is finished that is) decided I need a desk to work on and, of course, he was right.

One day, out of the blue and with a big smile on his face, he showed me a table.  “It used to be the table they made bread on in the nearby hotel, but they don’t need it anymore” he explained, “you can use it as a desk now because I’ve changed the top of it and repaired and varnished it for you”.

I was as enthusiastic as a kid with a new toy, I was finally going to get a desk, a recycled bread making table at that.

Sure enough the next day when I came home and went onto the balcony there was my new desk gleaming in the hot Bali sunlight.  In fact I’m writing these very words while sitting at the desk overlooking my delightful, tropical garden complete with butterflies, dragonflies and an assortment of other local, and sometimes loud (frogs in particular), wildlife.

Aside from this blog, I have written over 200 poems mostly from the balcony you can see in the above picture.  31 of the poems are published in ‘A Taste of Bali’ and I’ve also written articles for magazines/papers in both the UK and Bali – so, once again, this table has been used for making some bread – albeit of a different kind!

N.B.  If you look carefully on the right hand side of the upstairs balcony you can just see the desk, and below is the inspiring view I am so lucky to look out at…

A butterflies playground

Inspiring garden

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