Unexpected Gift

Let me set the scene… its a Saturday night and, driving through the streets of Bali on his motorbike, Yaniq carries his guitar on his back… the way a back-packer carries a rucksack.  Only this time there is something attached to the back of the guitar – as if the guitar, itself, was a back-packer.

The Cemara tree was 0ver a meter long, thin and tightly wrapped up in newspaper.  ‘Ohhh’, I exclaim excitedly, ‘A present for me?’

Strapped to an acoustic guitar

Strapped to an acoustic guitar

Unexpected Gift

The unexpected gift
journeyed on its way to my door
strapped to an acoustic guitar
unlikely travel companions
making their way by motorbike
through darkened streets and alleys

Arriving safely in one piece
carefully wrapped in news of the day
the inky parchment protection
preventing damage from the prevailing wind
– delight written on my face
on seeing this tightly parcelled package

The opening of each sheet revealing
shades and textures of a green surprise within
turn the front page…
a leafy stem
smothered in sports…
an earthy root

Unexpected gift - unwrapped

Unexpected gift - unwrapped n unplugged!

A feature rich centerfold
boasted life fuelled plants
looking at me
eyeing up their new home
eager to shed paper gowns
plant feet in rich, damp soil

Resting on the welcome mat for a time
soaking up the juice of the word
before being carried to the garden
to meet new neighbours
– green friends all.

 A Cemara tree and pink hibiscus plants – thank you!

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  1. Marcene

     /  05/04/2012

    What a wonderful gift from a beautiful person! xo

    • Yes, I think so too. Long time, no see – don’t forget you are welcome to pop over for kopi anytime


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