Obscured by shisha smoke…

My friend, Maxine, won a cool raffle prize at a Valentines Day charity event.  Spearheaded by Kum, from the Griya Faria reggae band, the event was held at Lobong Cafe and raised over 40 million rupiah (£2,750) for physically and mentally challenged Balinese children – nice!

Maxine’s prize was a shisha and she kindly invited me to join her at XL Lounge for this… her first experience of smoking a shisha pipe.  When I arrived she was already there supping on a cold Bintang (local beer) and listening to the hot band, called Bali Bull.

We scanned the shisha menu and, of the 10 flavours available, we decided upon apple tobacco, even though mint and cappucino were also enticing us.

Maxine and I smoking a shisha pipe

Maxine and I obscured by shisha smoke in XL Lounge

The exotic contraption arrived with it’s gleaming metal, glass and two pipes and I showed Maxine what to do – I used to have a shisha pipe back in London.

We sat there happily chatting and blowing smoke through our nose for a while but, inevitably with Maxine, that wouldn’t last long – there was a band playing, so that meant that pretty soon she would want to dance.

Now, Maxine has this great ability to go up to anyone in a bar and get them to join her on the dance floor… she is very persuasive and nearly everyone succumbs to her charms – particularly when this wonderful Canadian lady wears her T shirt saying ‘Never too old to dance’.

So if you see Maxine in a bar why not reverse the trend and ask her to dance first, I guarantee she won’t refuse – especially if it’s reggae!

Okay, it’s true that I made her pose for this one… but it is still cool:

The coolest beer drinking, shisha smoking grandmother in town

The coolest beer drinking, shisha smoking, reggae dancing grandmother in town

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  1. kuatarina Mount

     /  08/04/2012

    Ha ha! Love to both you ‘smokers.’


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