It’s looking better and better everyday

Plumbing, ceilings, railings, ceramic tiles and bathroom fittings – yes, it really is starting to look like a home now.

There is still lots to do but it is fascinating to watch the daily progress.  In the last few weeks ceilings have been put up and painted (I love the way the Balinese make decorative ceilings with two different heights – see room pic).

Decorative ceiling

Decorative ceiling

My ceiling on my balcony is made of woven bamboo (called bedek) which is attached to a layer of plywood.  It’s a simple, effective ceiling and I love the natural look of it.

Rather important things like the septic tanks were finished a few weeks ago and the pipes  have been linked to the house.

The bathtub, toilets and washbasins have been delivered and water is available from taps.

The taps are fed by the water tank on the roof, which gets water pumped up to it from a 40 meter deep bore hole, see this link for more about that.

While the tiler is doing his job, two women are varnishing window frames.  The carpenter is constructing a railing from individual pieces of wood.  The plumber is laying pipework.  Other builders are busy plastering outside walls while still others are pouring cement into the hand made wooden framework which will eventually become the fishpond in my bathroom.  At the same time the labourer is delivering whatever materials are required.  All this activity and no one ever seems to get in any one else’s way!

Decoration above my door - in the hands of a skilled craftsmen
Balinese style decoration above my door – in the hands of a skilled craftsmen

Orderly people would probably be pulling their hair out because things are hardly ever actually finished.  Workers go from half finishing plastering a wall one day and the next day they will be working on something else.  But it’s absolutely fine as it is all coming along swimmingly.

I hadn’t realised the number of processes in building a wall, here’s the recipe:

sandwich the bricks between even measures of cement
add a lavish layer of plaster
top with 2 layers of ‘mill’ (mill??)
smother with a 1 layer of ‘calcium’ (I kid you not)
decorate with 2 generous coats of paint (well okay, I knew about paint, bricks, cement and plaster… but mill and calcium?)

Anyway, I’m concentrating on the upstairs, which is my living space, and hope to move in asap.  Then, once the two downstairs rooms are finished, I hope guests will flock to Bali for their holiday and decide to come and stay at my very centrally located house, surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Downstairs will be plastered next

The wooden railing is half finished and downstairs will be plastered next

It is a fabulous experience to watch your dream house being built, brick by brick, process by process, step by step – in such capable hands.

Once again I thank Pasek for everything from overseeing the workers, ordering materials which arrive precisely when they are needed, explaining processes to me and coming up with great new ideas and solutions to any potential hiccup before it materialises.

Sifting sand while singing

Sifting sand while singing

As you can see, Ibu has also been working on the house (and not just sifting sand! – she is incredibly strong, and has a great singing voice too especially with a song called Juli and Romi – an Indonesian version of Romeo and Juliet!)

For an up-to-date look at the house click here.

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  1. Rob Fitton

     /  28/05/2012

    Glad it’s going well. Our slab’s just been poured so we’re excited too – starting to see how things might look. Some pics on facebook.
    Keep enjoying the process.

    • That’s great Rob, I hope you and Michelle enjoy building your new house as much as I have – it’s an exciting ride!

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