Happy Earth Day – refuse to use plastic!

So tomorrow, 22 April, is Earth Day and all around the globe there will be many green initiatives going on.

Here in Bali we have already recently had a very special 24 hours of this kind as, every year, the Balinese hold ‘Nyepi’ day – which is an island wide Silent Day!

In practice, Nyepi/Silent Day, is an inward looking day full of contemplation, meditation and relaxation.  Talking is allowed, however, there is no traffic noise, no machinery or generator hums, no television, radio or stereos – so it’s as near to silence as you are ever likely to get – island wide.  Click here for a full blog post about silent day and the fascinating noisy day that happens beforehand.

One practical ‘green’ benefit of Nyepi day is that the complete lack of activity saves enormous amounts of plastic from being used/wasted.

It is estimated that if Nyepi could be rolled out to other countries then…

America could cut out 270 million plastic bags from the 100 billion used each year.

The UK could cut out 15 million plastic bags from the 5.7 billion used each year.

Northern Ireland could cut out 45,000 plastic bags from the 16 million used each year.

And worldwide, over 2 billion plastic bags could be cut from the waste stream everyday.

The above figures are taken from an article by Monsoon Wanita, Bali Advertiser.

So, I’m asking you, please, to refuse to use plastic on Earth Day (and as many other days as you can as well).

I wanna share a simple, yet powerful, statement that I heard on a documentary where a woman was talking about waste…. she said something like, ‘People throw things away… but where, exactly, is away? – it’s still here, still with us’.

If you like this, feel free to click the like button – as that way more people are likely to see this message and act on it.

Thank you and Happy Earth Day to you – I will leave you with my poem called ‘The Belly of an Egg’…

The belly of an egg

The earth is an egg
and we are sitting
on it’s belly
don’t you wonder
when it is going to hatch

Will the newborn
take after it’s mother
will it be kind and giving of itself
or, our toys
will it want, to snatch

Will it cause us
sleepless nights
will it toss and turn
will it cough and shake us
from our beds

Will it be proud of us
or furious
about the mess
we have left
on its surface

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  1. Amazing statistics, Julie. Awareness is a big part of the battle.


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