How to make a bed – take 4 planks of wood

Instead of going shopping to buy a bed, I decided to get one made.

So how do you go about making a bed?  Well, I liked the first sketch I saw, so I handed the scrap of paper with the drawing on it to my project manager who gave it to the carpenter.

It showed a headboard with a flower design, a simple wooden box frame and straight legs with bedknobs at the top.

Inevitably, I didn’t get exactly what I’d originally expected… however, I got a wonderful bed all the same!

The wood was ordered and delivered and I watched as the on-site craftsman sketched a completely new design, ‘That’s it… that’s what I want’ I said, changing my mind from the flower pattern I’d originally chosen.

Craftsman at work

The making of my bed

The making of my bed

He proceeded to turn plain wood into a beautiful shape that is similar to the Balinese design above my front door, which can be seen by clicking here.

Then he shaped the frame and it ended up being a nice touch that the bottom of the legs were carved in a mirror image of the top part.

I remember being impressed years ago when I read Homer’s epic book ‘The Odyssey’ where the main character, Odysseus, built a bed which he shaped out of a living olive tree.  Okay, so my wood wasn’t still part of a living tree, but I was lucky enough to watch it being expertly shaped.

Within just a few days the bed was finished…. perfect and cheaper than buying one in the shop!

My new handmade bed

My new handmade bed

I just need to buy the mattress and bedding and, of course, move into my new home.  Then, I just know, I will be in for a really good nights zzzzzzz…..

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