Heart of Bali

Some time ago I decided that I wanted to be a holiday organiser here in Bali.

My plan was to run ‘Heart of Bali Holidays’.  The word HEART was an acronym for: Healthy, Eco-friendly, Alternative, Relaxing and Transformative.

I happen to live in the cultural and spiritual ‘heart’ of Bali so it was easy to come up with a program that covered those aspects… as well as including a trip to the beach, lounging by the pool and drinking cocktails and beer while listening to great live music at night.

Maybe you are wondering what I mean by ‘Alternative’ or ‘Transformative’:

Well it could mean releasing your creative/artistic side, such as taking a woodcarving or painting session.  Or experiencing traditional Balinese music or dance, whether just watching or maybe having a go.

Perhaps you would open up your senses to the unique culture that ‘is’ Bali by going to a temple ceremony or, if one is happening, a Balinese Wedding or even a public cremation (no, it is not morbid, it’s a celebration).

Then of course there are things like yoga, meditation, ecstatic dance, Tibetan Singing Bowls and a variety of healers.  And if you wanted to go even further up the transformative spiritual street, you could always ‘take the waters’ (melukat) which is a special experience at a holy spring temple.

Having all these choices and many, many more while under sun-kissed skies, surrounded by nature’s finest scenery and being greeted by smiling, welcoming people seemed to be a good holiday option I thought.

Heart of Bali

Heart of Bali

However, I didn’t give the business idea enough attention, so it faded and I no longer have that website – but I’m still happy to give recommendations if you come here for your holiday.

So let me know if you have any questions or want help booking accommodation – maybe even in my own newly built downstairs rooms at Rumah Jepun.

Rumah Jepun, home sweet home

Rumah Jepun, home sweet home

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  1. That idea needs resurrecting! You would be a great travel host.


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