A fiery, bluesy, chocolate-fuelled birthday

Thanks to Alexa for having a special birthday.

A surprise party, thrown by her hubby Kenny, was held last Sunday in Coffee n Copper.

Along with many friends and a great blues band, we were also entertained by a fire dancer (twisted fire starter!) who did some pretty cool moves with flames (or should that read ‘hot moves’?).

Fire circles

Fire circles

Alexa sang the blues between mouthfuls of a particularly delicious chocolate birthday cake which was topped off by doughnuts – now that’s what I call a cake!

Big chocolate cake with doughnut topping

Big chocolate cake with doughnut topping

I read my poem entitled ‘Balinese Birthday’ which is based on the Balinese calendar – did you know that they have two birthdays each year! (hmmm, does that mean two big chocolate cakes a year?)

So many happy returns to Alexa, the bluesy birthday girl (yes, I said bluesy!)…

The singing birthday girl

The singing birthday girl

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  1. kuatarina Mount

     /  11/05/2012

    O No, not 2 birthdays a year. Does that mean you are twice as old?


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