Spikey, bead-like and bamboo style lighting

Shopping for beautiful things to go in my home has started with lighting.

A treasure trove of lights

A treasure trove of colourful lights

There’s a huge choice of creative lamps available here, so going into a lighting shop can be pure de’light’…

I chose a modern, spikey looking lampshade, made of  rattan, for the main room.

My spikey rattan lampshade
My spikey rattan lampshade

The bedside wall lamps have a metal design at the bottom and tiny bead-like stones and a bamboo flower pattern at the top.

Metal, shell, stones and bamboo lighting

Metal, stones and bamboo lighting


My bathroom lights were made specifically for me and just arrived today.

Funky bathroom lighting

Funky bathroom lighting

The three of them are made of colourful resin and have a bamboo motif.

Whereas on my balcony I have the traditional Balinese oil burning lamps that have been converted to electric.  It’s true, yet hard to believe, that electricity only became available in Bali around 35 years ago!

Let there be light:  I am very fortunate as it only took a few weeks to get my electric connected (I know of cases where it took a long time!), so I’m truly de’light’ed!

Traditional Balinese lamps

Traditional Balinese lamps

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  1. I’m so lucky I got to see two of your lighting options in person! I love the bathroom ones too. Gorgeous!

  2. Buying light. It must be fast approaching completion. Exciting! Steve Castley

    • Yes, upstairs especially, in fact I’m only really waiting for the windows to be put in and an auspicious day! However, downstairs still has a way to go…

  1. Everything – including the kitchen sink! « Julie in Bali

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