This Earth of Mankind… Festival

This years Ubud Writers and Readers Festival has the great title: ‘This Earth of Mankind’.

To whet your literary appetite, Bar Luna will be hosting events called ‘Festival Foreplay’ about some of the featured authors, and their new books, in the months leading up to October’s Festival (being held on 3rd to 7th Oct).

I will be helping with some of these presentations, but in the meantime I would like to share a poem that I wrote – inspired by the title…

This Earth of Mankind

This Earth of Mankind
feeds and nourishes her charge
provides shelter and beauty
throughout our 24 / 7

This Earth of Mankind
her very nature is to nurture
offers every opportunity
on this earth, made in heaven

This Earth of Mankind
with her clear springs to cleanse
gives her life blood for us to drink
eons long

This Earth of Mankind
who shares her mysteries
rarely complains that what we do
is wrong

This Earth of Mankind
full of unconditional love
a trait we would do well
to adopt

This Earth of Mankind
deserves care in return
an offering we would do well
to co-opt

So, if you are around in Ubud on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7.30pm come along and check out the literary evenings.¬† Even if these particular presentations aren’t happening on the night you come, there is always some form of entertainment on those evenings.

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