Lock up your monkey’s daughters

While my house has been being built I’ve had a variety of ‘real’ visitors (as opposed to virtual blog visitors).

They’ve come from America, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Mauritius, New Zealand, UK, Venezuela and of course, local Balinese and Indonesians etc.

However, I’ve also had occasional early morning visits from… monkeys!

They are visiting from their home in the Monkey Forest, which is just 10 minutes walk from my home.

A camera shy Monkey on my balcony
A camera shy monkey on my balcony

This one seemed a bit camera shy, as each time I went to photograph him he looked away – or perhaps he was a budding builder surveying the sand, cement and stones that are being used for my new house.

He didn’t stay long – just long enough to eat some leaves from one of my papaya trees in the garden – but thankfully he only wanted the leaves and was kind enough to leave the fruit for me…

Hmm... papaya leaves - yum!

Hmm… papaya leaves – yum!

Before I came to this part of the world I didn’t know much about papaya.

I didn’t know it was classed as a superfood or how absolutely delicious it is… how big it can grow on the tree (the ones in the picture are still relatively small)… or just how good it is for you (144% of your daily vitamin C needs, and much more, from only 1 cupful of cubed papaya!) and how much monkeys like to eat the leaves.

Apparently young papaya leaves can be lightly boiled making them similar to spinach, but I haven’t tried them yet, ‘So, Mr Monkey, leave some leaves for me’.

I’ve also only recently found out that, in order for the fruit to grow, you have to have two types of papaya in the area – male and female papaya trees!

I’m happy that the papaya trees are doing their thing to make fruity offspring – but I hope the monkeys don’t follow their lead – not in my garden anyway!  Otherwise it will be a case of ‘lock up your monkey’s daughters!’

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  1. shanemac

     /  21/05/2012

    Fantastic photos and how exciting it must be for you to look out and see monkey visitors.

    • Yes, especially after hearing your monkey tale – although your one was definitely more like a pet.

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