Time warp

I received an email from my sister, in May, which referred to mince pies and it being snowy outside.

Now that completely confused me – when we last spoke she had mentioned the good weather in England, whatsmore, why was she eating traditional Christmas food in May?  I checked the date of the email – yes it was definitely today.   Hmmm strange.

So I replied explaining that I felt I had gone into some sort of time warp.  She confirmed that that must indeed have been the case because she sent that particular email back in January – 4 months ago!

Proof, folks, that email can be even slower than snail mail – if only sometimes.

Talking of time, here is a snippet from one of my poems…

I once met Time

I once met Time
in a waiting room
he had the power to steal years
like a debt collector of the precious

But I made him smile
and in return
he gave the only gift
he could

Just a little spare time
he sprinkled its essence over my hair

Just a bit more time
he blew its shimmering dust all over me

Just a drop of extra time
captured liquid in a bottle for later

I lapped it up
this free time present
the past, the future
were jealous
their hands were tied
they could not come close
I had Time on my side…

(there is more… maybe buy the book to find out how it continues or, EVEN BETTER FOR YOU, the book is available to download FREE of charge for two days 23 and 24th May – so what are you waiting for – get downloading from Amazon now!)

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