Everything – including the kitchen sink!

When you build a house in Bali don’t forget to budget for the smallest things – like special nails to hold the ceiling in place (for pictures of making a ceiling click here)

Then there’s the ceiling frame, the plywood (or whatever you are having), the border, and the carpenter to do the work.

Oh and don’t forget the bamboo scaffolding to stand upon, then of course there’s paint, brushes, thinners and people to do the painting, brushing and thinning!

You might have to get all the materials delivered down small gangways by women who, traditionally, carry heavy loads on their heads!  And all this is simply for a ceiling without even considering the cables for the lighting and fans that you might hang from it.

Oh no... does this mean I have to do washing up!

Oh no… does this mean I have to do washing up!

As you can imagine, building a brand new home means acquiring everything – including the kitchen sink (carried, very carefully, home on the motorbike.  No, I wasn’t driving!  In fact my driver drove very slowly, especially when overtaking ducks).

Did you spot my deliberate use of the word acquiring?  This is because I am ‘furniture sitting’ for a couple of items like a desk and a tv, for my friend, Caroline, until she comes back.

Obviously I’m also buying many articles myself too – you can get some great furniture, fittings and lighting made, or bought, here.

However, it’s best and cheaper to let a Balinese do the actual shopping/negotiating to get a local price and from a local shop too.

Happy shopping eh!

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  1. I wish I could trot over and check your progress! I was always amazed at what people could haul on those little motorbikes!


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