Coffee – the likes of which you ain’t seen before

How do you make a good cup of coffee?  Pour a spoon of coffee and some hot water into a mug – stir and add milk and sugar to taste?  No, I don’t think so… that’s far too simple.

Enter Seniman Coffee Studio where Dave will give you the low down on the exact requirements for the perfect coffee.

You are going to need:

1)  Apparatus – that looks like it belongs in the science lab more than a kitchen

2)  Coffee – a wide range of personally selected beans to choose from

3)  A thermometer – to check the precise temperature

4)  A stopwatch (and patience) – to wait for the optium brewing time and, of course,

5)  A long thin tray – to serve your coffee alongside it’s accompanying glass of water and small tasting glass

Seniman coffee - served on a long thin tray

Seniman coffee – served on a long thin tray

Yes, you have guessed it, this is no ordinary coffee – this is a coffee experience.

The beans of your choice will be ground, especially for you, just seconds before being plunged into a contraption that is expertly manipulated by well trained coffee connoisseurs.

They will measure it, time it and probably even stir it for a exact number of times – ensuring it gets the love that every coffee bean deserves.

Scientists inventing pure brown

Scientists inventing pure brown

All this in Seniman’s cool, newly refurbished coffee studio in Ubud.  Oh and their cakes are a delight too.

And, to round everything off, you can drink your Bali, Java, Sulawesi, Sumatra, Flores or Papua light or dark roasted coffee while sitting in their new invention – plastic rocking chairs!

Feeling thirsty yet?  No?

You mean you need more tempting?  Maybe this will hit the spot…

It is an extract from my poem called:

‘Ode to Coffee’

…Teeny bubbles perforate
the full bodied brownness
in your swirling cup

Thick, aromatic roasted richness
that leaves its mark
upon your tongue

Liquid velvet
flowing around the curves
in your mouth

Smooth texture
compliments the smile
upon your lips…

Yum – I don’t know about you but I need a coffee hit now – see, even my writing has turned coffee colour.  Just look at that coffee menu behind me, hmmm it looks a bit blurred, but I wasn’t drinking beer or arak – honest! – ah, but maybe the photographer was?

Me at Seniman Coffee Studio

Me at Seniman Coffee Studio on their re-opening night

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  1. Lelle Taffyn

     /  27/05/2012

    this is a great article and i have been wishing to visit for several months now – and of course the cakes are fabulous – i know one of the bakers!! thanks Julie

    • Hi Lelle
      Thanks for visiting my blog and, yes, get yourself down to Seniman as the coffee is hot and the venue is cool (and the cakes are ‘just right’ – said Goldilocks!).

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