Rumah Jepun (Frangipani House by another name)

When I was getting closer to finishing my new house I started to consider what to call it.

Names to do with butterflies, coconuts, exotic birds and the river that runs next to it popped up… but Rumah Jepun was decided upon.

You can almost smell it, can't you?

You can almost smell it, can’t you?

Have you have heard of a Frangipani?  Well they are one and the same flower as a Jepun.

In Bali these lovely looking and smelling Jepun flowers are used at ceremonies and can sometimes be found behind people’s ears – including mine.

You can get many different coloured Jepun trees with a range of slightly different shaped petals.

The most common ones you see around Bali are actually Javanese Jepuns, however the relatively rare Balinese ones can be identified by their far more gnarly trunks.

I have one of the Balinese trees in my new garden but it hasn’t flowered yet so I don’t know what colour it will be.  Not that it matters because I am planning to have a range of coloured ones anyway… pink, cerise, red, yellow and white ones.

Whatsmore, I also have a line of pretty, yellow and white Jepun decorations all around my house (Rumah) on the base of the roof tiles as you can see here…

Looking up at the row of Jepuns lining my roof

Looking up at the row of Jepun flowers lining my roof

I thought of calling it Villa Jepun but changed it to Rumah Jepun as the word Villa didn’t seem to fit properly, it really is a house (Rumah), a lovely house at that!

So if you are coming to Ubud for your holidays why not book one of these 2 new, very centrally located, en-suite, riverside rooms at Rumah Jepun.

The ground floor balconies spill out to a delightful tropical garden, featuring part of your breakfast! (i.e. papaya trees, banana trees and pineapples –  sugar cane too).

The rooms come complete with aircon, wifi, free tea, coffee and drinking water and breakfast – which goes beyond the fruit of the garden.

The building was finished in June 2012, and people have already enjoyed staying here!

Two downstairs rooms for rent - pic taken from the garden

Two downstairs rooms for rent – pic taken from the garden

Before you consider booking my accommodation I should explain 3 important things…

1.  Although my house is in the heart of town, it is well set back from the busy Monkey Forest Road.

I took the land based on the western thinking about the 3 most important things when buying/building property.  Those 3 things are: location, location, location!

2.  People who know me well, will realise that running a bed and breakfast place is very far from what they would expect me to do…  Rest assured, it’s not me who runs anything at all here – it is the very efficient, smiling, helpful and delightful Balinese.

3.  Having been in Bali for a long time now (over 3 years at the time of writing this) I’ve gleaned a reasonable knowledge of useful information that tourists are likely to benefit from – this ranges from day trips and cultural matters through to the best massages, night life and beaches – even where the best bonsai collection can be found!

So, while you stay at Rumah Jepun, please feel free to tap me for info on this enchanting island and it’s many wonders.

Email:  to book.

I look forward to welcoming you 🙂

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  1. I love the name Julie! It’s perfect.

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