The Scottish Play – in Bali

I wasn’t expecting to see classical English theatre here in Bali… but this is now the second time I’ve seen Theatre Firefly perform Shakespeare’s works.

Two years ago I was enthralled by their version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and then on Saturday I was also delighted to watch Macbeth.

The venues for both of these performances were rather special…  the ‘…Dream’ was performed in the beautiful grounds of Arma Musuem, Ubud.

I particularly remember that, on arrival, guests were given a small piece of paper on which to write their own ‘dream’ – this paper was then hung on a special tree during the evening’s performance… and what a performance!  The fact that the cast included children and Balinese made it even more enchanting.

Macbeth, with it’s somewhat heavy storyline, was equally well portrayed.

Set in the open-sided bamboo structure within the grounds of the bamboo Green School they made excellent use of atmospheric sound and lighting especially when the children were on stage playing the weird sisters (often referred to as the three witches) or when Banquo was haunting Macbeth and of course when Macbeth murdered King Duncan.

Unusually, the role of Macbeth was actually played by a woman, but the way it was acted only added to the characterisation.

A very enjoyable performance – I’m looking forward to the next one.

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