The merging of a writers and health retreat

Thanks to Anthony Dunkley for a fabulous writers retreat with a difference.

The inspiring cliff top views, over the jungle and down to the blue jewel of an ocean, were topped off by the inspiration from the group itself.

We met, we melded, we merged and then we emerged into more than we had originally been.

Supporting, nurturing, sharing, laughing and yes, even breathing, together in such a tranquil setting that welcomed us, as much as it welcomed the birds who sang for us.

I mention ‘breathing’ deliberately as Christabel, a life coach, kindly gave us a Breathwork meditation session which, I am delighted to say, helped me considerably.

Writers and breathers retreat!

Writers and breathers retreat!


Somehow, between writing, breathing and very healthy meals, there was also time for a swim in the sea at Bloo Lagoon and even a massage on the beach – added bonuses that any writers retreat would be proud to offer, I’m sure.

So, now it’s over to you, the reader… would you like to take on one of the writing challenges that we set for ourselves?

Yes?  Okay then, so get yourself comfortable with pen and paper, or laptop, and a nice hot cuppa.

Ready? Now set your alarm for 15 mins, as this is the time you have got to come up with a short story which mentions the following 6 words:  Apprehensive, Constipated, Pathetic, Transit-Lounge, Cloisters and… wait for it… SNAFU!  (don’t know what that means?… well you’re gonna have to look it up – as my blog is a swear free zone.  Now that gave you a clue, didn’t it).

If you come up with something you would like to share (without swear words, of course) then please send it to me at and I will post the best entry on my blog.  Or take a read of my story here.

Early morning view from the room at Bloo Lagoon

Early morning view from the room at Bloo Lagoon

Meanwhile, thanks again to all the group for a fabulous experience and wonderful memories, including one of an Aardvark’s underarms! – you had to be there, honestly!

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