Just a stick full of sugar

Granulated, caster, icing, demerara or brown sugar are all terms I was familiar with in the UK, but here in Bali I can eat the real thing – straight from the cane.

Sugar infused stick

Sugar infused stick – on my balcony

You get the best tasting sugar in the dry season, which is now.  However, it still tasted nice and sweet even in the wet season when this picture was taken.

Just chew on the cane and the liquid sugar oozes delightfully out onto your taste buds.

A plate full of sugar

A plate full of sugar sticks

I found it very addictive and ate the whole of the plateful in one big sugar marathon.  Of course these ‘sugar sticks’ have been neatly cut from the cane – cane which I will soon be growing in my garden.  Now, that should make you want to come and visit for your holiday!

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