Balinese dentistry

I needed a filling and was recommended to a dentist (Dr Gigi).

My previous Balinese dentist was based in the city of Denpasar, but this ‘local’ experience was somewhat different…  I have certainly never had a freshly picked leaf from the garden rubbed over my teeth and gums before!

I have to say that she seemed to be a good dentist, if a little unconventional – or is that the wrong word?… maybe it’s western dentistry that is unconventional – depends on which side of the fence you’re on I suppose.

Either way, she was extremely pleasant (to the point of waiting outside on the street to greet me).  She explained what she was doing in good English and proceeded to give me 2 fillings and teeth cleaning for about £48.

Dental aftercare - Balinese style

Dental aftercare – Balinese style

Oh yeah, and this price included the aftercare… I was given 3 packets of leaves/herbs with instructions to boil them, one pack a day, and gargle with the warm, salted, green leaf flavoured water.

Dentistry the Balinese way – don’t you just love it?  My answer is ‘ Yes’ – as it did the trick.

And, in case you were wondering, I don’t think that the need to see Dr Gigi had anything to do with my sugar marathon as the picture in that post was actually taken a couple of months ago.

For those who thought that this might be about Balinese Tooth Filing ceremonies ‘potong gigi’… well, I will leave that story for another time – so watch this space!

For those wanting recommendation of a more western style, and trained, dentist then The Mansion in Penestanan, just outside Ubud, is superb.  It even has state of the art equipment that my London dentist didn’t have !

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  1. I remember seeing signs for Dr. Gigi as I strolled Hanoman Street, or was it Monkey Forrest Road? I’m really glad for you that the experience was a positive one! Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes, their are many Dr Gigis around, although the one I was recommended to was a few miles away in Lodtunduh.


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