A crowded bathroom, and I’m not even talking about fish (or monkeys) – yet!

I walked into my bathroom to find 6 people already there.

They were discussing the design for the alcove in my stone wall – the size, shape, material to use for the frame, the style of the statue inside, not to mention where to put the light which will highlight the whole thing.

Stone walling...

Stone walling…

At that point, natural stones had already been placed half way up the wall and when I expressed my concern about the weight of these stones (that were only held in place by what seemed to be minimal cement at the back) the tukangs (builders) all dismissed my concerns.

It was explained that it’s the character of these river stones to ‘soak up’ the cement and then they will stay in place however heavy and however many are piled up upon each other – no problem.

You can just see the pipes where the fish fountains will be

You can just see the pipes where the fish fountains will be

Okay… so it was decided to use the red Balinese brick for the alcove’s frame and to place either a statue of a woman carrying a water jug inside it or decorative flowers, the jury is still out on this, so come and visit this page in a few week’s time for an update.

Either way, it was decided to put 3 ornamental fish beneath the alcove… the fish will have water pouring from their mouth’s into the small pond below which, of course, will contain real fish, koi fish – perfect!

Oh, and what’s more, the fish fountains will be made on-site by one of the craftsmen.

Nearly finished...

Nearly finished…

Watching the development of the stone wall, and it’s features, has been fascinating.

Once the orchids are hanging from the stones, the fish are in the pond being trickled upon by the fish fountains and the statue and lighting is in place – it will look, and sound, amazing.

I will update this page so come and take another look later this month.  I’m very lucky as my house has some great touches, but I think my bathroom will be the icing on the cake (although the garden might just top it – I’ll write about that in another post)…

The bathrooms in my two downstairs rooms, that you might want to stay in one of these days, (click here to view) have more conventionally tiled walls – in a nice peppermint green colour – more about them in a later post.

Meanwhile, above the stone wall in my bathroom you can see a skylight made of glass fibre, when I asked why I couldn’t just have glass the answer was ‘Monkeys’.

It appears that the weight of the occasional monkey visitor could break the glass, whereas the glass fibre will stretch and I won’t end up with a monkey in the bathroom – this is something I hadn’t considered and didn’t even want to contemplate – bring on the glass fibre!

Here is a more recent picture:

More recent pic of my bathroom

More recent pic of my bathroom

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  1. Wow Julie! Fabulous! I agree, your bathroom could very possibly be the ‘main event’ of the house.


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